Build A PIC Programmer/Debugger, PICkit2, By Yourself

  Thanks to Microchip that published all the details about their wonderful PIC device programmer/debugger, PICkit2.  Using those information (schematic, firmware and software), we can make our own PICkit2 clone without spending that much money and efforts!

A number of designs of PICkit2 clone can be found on the line.  Here is my solution!  The core of the device is the same as in the original design, PIC18F2550. Besides, this clone uses a quad-comparator, LM339, to replace the op-amp used in the original design.  A P-MOSFET, SI2301 or FDN302P, is used to drive the Vdd output.  That makes the design simple and inexpensive. It keeps all the functions that exist in the original design.  The board can fit in a DV cassette case.



The kit does not come with the EEPROM chips (24LC512), as well as related parts, and does not include the cable.  Here is the schematic.

Order Information:

(1) Price: $17.50/each, plus $2.50 for S/H fees. Only PayPal payments and checks are acceptable.

(2) Only accept orders within US continent.

(3) Questions? Please write to: